Whistler, Beautiful British Columbia…

You have EVERYTHING you could need; from vast mountains to breathtaking lakes, from neighbouring small towns supplying the freshest of strawberries to upbeat down down Vacouver with the beautiful Stanley Park and the convenience of an international airport, from locals serving up delicious locally sourced fresh produce to fine dining restaurants with endless wine cellars and ice bars.

Winters are MAGICAL and its still my clearest memory waking up on arrival from the airport to see the town centre lit with an array of colourful lights and if your a keen skier it really is just a must – listen to everything they say, it is true, the mountains are endless, the views are staggering and the service and friendliness of everyone on the hill is just awesome. And then summer comes around and blows winter out of the water.. you think you have seen beautiful lakes before? Oh no. Endless hikes with spectacular views or paddle board days with lake side bbqs summers are just a dream.

So the scenery, the seasons and the service wins you over… and then for me there were two more HUGE factors.

YOGA – Loka at Nita Lake and Neo Whistler (Tina James, Victoria Grace, Julia McCabe and Crystal Rainbow) are bliss – beautiful studios with amazingly passionate talented teachers who I so miss and so admire.

THE PEOPLE whistler is home to a relaxed happy fun loving crew who have the best attitude – people work to live and isn’t that the right way round. The town thrives on a passion for life and adventure – it is infectious and inspiring!

You have to believe everything they say then go and realise it is even better. I am going to wrap this up and leave you some advice for if and when you’re lucky enough to visit…

  • FOOD – Creekbread, Sushi Village, Quatro, Bearfoot Bistro, Purebread, Nita Lake
  • TRIPS – the drive from Van to Whistler is dreamy in itself, road trip to the rockies (the presence of the mountains as you drive in is breath taking), the islands
  • WALKS – too many to list but I think you have to see Joffre Lakes, Black Tusk, Panorama Ridge, Train Wreck, The Chief 

For sure it is fair to say that the west coast is the best coast, BC you have my heart.