Online Yoga Classes 

It has been, and continues to be, such a pleasure to meet so many of you on different retreats, in different resorts and across so many beautiful different countries – I would love for this platform and these classes to be a way by which we can all stay connected.

I have uploaded a selection of classes for you to enjoy and each month I will bring you new content (but don’t worry the videos already on the platform will stay put!). Here is an list of what I have uploaded already:

  • 15/20 minute daily movement sessions to focus simply on improving your mobility and undoing the desk or driving habits that take over too much of our daily lives
  • shorter length classes you can squeeze into small windows of time or add onto a workout
  • 40/45 minute classes which are themed so you can pick and mix
  • longer classes at just over an hour for when you really have time to unwind and enjoy

There may be one or two questions you have, I have anticipated and answered them below but if there is anything else you want to ask please get in touch.


What do I need?

Just a mat to start with, you will see I sometime use bocks – blocks are great but they aren’t essential. They help lengthen your arms, making it not such a struggle to place your hands towards the floor with tight hamstrings – you can pick these up from any sports shop or on amazon, they don’t need to be a fancy pants brand.

I would recommend buying a good mat – if you buy a basic one it will only last two minutes and lack of grip will make things a lot harder for you. I recommend LuLu Lemon Reversible Mat or Yogi Bear Paws Mat for grip and ability to wash down.


Do I have to do the classes in order?

No these classes are a complete selection. I am going to put together some progressive series that will help you with certain elements of your practice but for now just enjoy them in what ever order suits you and go with how you are feeling on any given day.


What time of day should I practice and how often?

I get asked this a lot and it is totally personal preference. I will add a few deep relaxation videos which I would suggest doing late as night as afterwards you can just roll of your mat and straight into bed. Then there are some more dynamic classes which can be done at any time of day however I would try not to do them on a full stomach as you are twisting and folding – so maybe try first thing in the morning or a few hours after your last meal.


The monthly subscription cost is £10, this will be capped until January 2020. In the New Year I will reevaluate and ask for your feedback on the service – making sure you are happy with it and making improvements where necessary.