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We are wrapping up this series of posts with another Sanskrit word. I know it is only day 22 but I think we’ve covered most bases, I don’t want to write these emails/articles and just waffle on for the sake of it.
Nama meaning bow
as meaning I
te meaning you
“bowing to you” or “I bow to you.”
You will have come across this in yoga, it is said at both the start and the end of practice. It is offered with a slight bow of the head and with the hands pressed together into a prayer at the chest ‘Añjali Mudrā’. It is a gesture which is offered as recognition for the spark and the divine in each of us.
I also see it as recognition for the practice. Recognition for yoga in the present moment, for the class we are about to do or have just done. And also as recognition for the practice as a whole. Appreciating how privileged we are to sit in beautiful peaceful studios, to attend a variety of classes and to have the luxury of ‘time out’ in such a busy fast world.
As a teacher I use it to thank you guys – for your efforts and for showing up. Because honestly class after class and retreat after retreat, I really am so grateful every time you choose to roll out your mat or retreat with us. Fills may little heart up!
So, Namaste. Thank you reading this far.
If you have any questions let me know 🙂
With extra love,
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