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I have given you plenty of information about what yoga is so now I will try my best to explain pilates.
Pilates is an exercise discipline that involves special equipment. It was developed to strengthen the muscles and to improve overall whole body health, with concideration and awareness for the breath.
You can expect a pilates class to be more exercise focused and routine than yoga, which I would say is typically more creative and fluid. There are equipment classes with all the fancy reformer gear and simple accessible mat based classes, both of which are really challenging and if taught well both are brilliant for engaging and strengthening specific muscle groups. Pilates is also excellent at improving posture, improving spinal mobility, correcting any alignment issues or imbalances that sit within the body.
My opinion. It is a strong, clever practice, that will work you like no other form of exercise.
Do I like it as much as yoga. Doesn’t come anywhere close, I don’t get that ‘yoga high’ feeling, it doesn’t give me the same mental clarity or down time, and whilst I work hard its never the full body sweat of a dynamic yoga class.
Is it as beneficial as yoga. Yes 100% definitely, and intact I would say if you have any lower back issues or other injuries its probably the place to start.
Are the two together a winning combo. I think so, as with yoga just try a few teachers and classes. Find a routine that fits your schedule and take it away.
A short and sweet one this sunday, hopefully see a few of you at our Lytham class this morning!
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