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Being vegetarian or vegan is certainly not a prerequisite for attending the weekly yoga class at your local gym. However once the initial draw of the physical practice moves aside, there is room for discussion and education around a more plant based diet. This shouldn’t come across in a forced way though – if it does don’t feel obliged to hang around.
Many students choose not to eat meat or animal products because of the Yama, Ahimsa meaning ‘Non Violence’ to all living beings. But you can practice this in your own way – minimising the violence, that might just mean choosing eggs and meat that has come from your local farm shop or reducing your intake slightly – by substituting meat for a plant based option or simply upping the veggie to meat ratio.
Our planet.
Assuming you haven’t been living under a rock for the last 18 months you won’t be a stranger to how our diet is changing / having to change because of the impact mass farming is having on our precious planet. You can turn a blind eye to it all you like but at some point very soon we are all going to have to get pretty friendly with a more plant based way of life.
In search of health.
If you are looking at this in search for the most ‘ideal’ diet you are going to be looking a long time because we are all very individual. But one thing we can’t argue over is that increasing the amount of fruit and veg you eat improves a whole ray of health factors – from skin health, to digestive health, weight management to exercise recovery.
Quality counts.
Now something we can influence is the quality of the food we buy; be that meat, fish, fruit or veg – trying to buy the best quality we can afford, I understand its a privilege to be in that position but just try doing what you can from a farm shop or grocery store and I bet you see a huge difference in taste. I am by no means an expert just someone who has a keen interest in their own wellbeing.
Life is short, eat the cake.
With all of this comes a remember to enjoy your food and not to attach the negative stress of worrying about what we shouldn’t be eating to our meals. Meat, No Meat, Dairy, No Dairy. Life is short, eat the cake. I actually do avoid dairy & meat most of the time, so by no means am I trying to call any veggie warriors. Just do me a favour and if its for health reasons that you make a switch be sure to look at the alternatives and what’s in them.
I hope this message comes across light hearted. It is such a huge conversation at the moment and actually one I could talk about for days, but for now all I want to emphasise is that we enjoy our food and we try our best with the choices we make.
All the Love,
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