‘I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world’ – Mary Anne Radmacher

TRAVEL makes my eyes glow brighter, my smile stretch wider and my heart race a little facer. And because life is about doing what you love, I have dedicated the majority of my time since graduation to seizing opportunities, chasing sunshine and meeting some of the finest people on this planet (this is a vicious circle because I now have to keep travelling to revisit all these wonderful people and places and then I meet more wonderful people and places and you see the predicament I find myself in… #firstworldproblems). I am very privileged in that I am able to do a little bit of work every now and then as I jet around and I have to give credit to a number of things here: 

1) My skill set as an Ostoepath and Yoga Teacher (turns out the body is the same all over the world – who would have thought it!) so a HUGE thank you to everyone that made my time in education and all those I have met along the yoga teacher training path.

2) MOST IMPORTANTLY – an extremely loving, insanely supportive, very patient family who open the door for me when ever I wish to return home. Mum and Dad gave me wings for sure, I know it sometimes breaks them when I fly off yet again and sometimes for so long but you are my home. And Kates… well you’re just truly fabulous and I love my new Manchester Home (especially because of the proximity to an airport and a yoga studio – you really shouldn’t have).

I added this page to share memories of places I have called home (relive them a little, remind my self how incredible lucky I am and no doubt get teary in the process) or it gives an insight into places where I have taken a holiday that I believe to be worth a mention. Hopefully this provides you with #travelinspiration… and with that in mind always feel free to reach out, send me an email and ask for any top tips.


WHIstler, British Columbia 

They call it Beautiful BC and that it is. I spent a year in this amazing town and can whole heartedly see why is has won over and become home to so many visitors from all over the world…

Saint Lucia

Firstly I must point out The Body Holiday Saint Lucia is probably home to the one of the BEST SUNSET watching spots in the world, hence I choose this picture. I don’t know if it is more breath taking because it is a shared sunset, guests watch the sun go down together most evenings with a cocktail in hand whilst beach volleyball closes of the days activity (dreamy right?) or just because the colours carving around the clouds are crazy and its just magic….

Turks and Caicos ISLANDS

Wait ’till you see the water they said…  And oh my, I mean I have seen my fair share of beautiful crystal clear oceans and lakes (BC again – you are one heaven on earth) but TCI you steal the show…

The Maldives 

Soneva Fushi, Kunfunadhoo in the Baa Atoll. This tropical island defines the essence of barefoot luxury. The Maldives is home to no doubt many beautiful resort islands – but Soneva resorts are really something special and quite unique…


Credit to the wonderful Sevy, not only for capturing this picture and the fact my manicure matches the wheels in the background but for making me laugh from the moment I touched down in this city (I also felt it was fitting somewhere on this website my manicure got a little shout out). I have included my short sweet on this page trip to Dubai because it really blew me away…

Douro Valley, Portugal  

If its wine tastes as good as everyone said it did its probably worth you pay this beautiful area a visit before its swarmed with tourists! The Douro Valley is breath takingly different to the typical costal areas of Portugal that so many of us are more familiar with, and the Six Senses accentuates that…


Whilst I do love a little jet lag and long never ending queues in big international airports I must admit we actually have some very beautiful spots right here on our doorstep…