What they had to say...

Seriously enjoyed the weekend. You are incredibly PROFESSIONAL - and a lot of fun... You deserve to take your brand onto the next level. I wish you all the success you deserve.
— Siobhan - Feb 2018
FANTASTIC Retreat, great fun, fabulous food, lovely company. Would HIGHLY recommend it and can not wait to do another one!
— Karen - Feb 2018
Everything about this retreat has EXCEEDED expectations. From the moment I arrived I felt so at home in the GORGEOUS accomodation. I have loved it and will recommend to my friends - hope to be back!
— Alison - Feb 2018
What a WONDERFUL weekend.
— Katie - Feb 2018
‘Don’t cry because it is over, Smile because it happened.’ Thankyou for an amazing, life changing experience! Fabulous Retreat. Thank you so much for REKINDLING my spirit.
— Dawn - Feb 2018
WOW and WOW. A fantastic Retreat. Everything was the best it could be and nothing was too much trouble. I can’t think of anything I would change! Like Arnie says ‘I will be back!’
— Beverley - Feb 2018
A MEMORABLE retreat in true sense of the word. Wonderful classes, fantastic venue, delicious food and blessed with the best of early spring weather. Must make this a regular event!
— Gillian - Feb 2018
I am so GRATEFUL people like Jessica and Elspeth organise retreats like this. Everything was done with taste; the location and venue was AMAZING, the food was beautifully healthy and the yoga was very INSPIRING. I enjoyed being totally present, in the moment and meeting new people.
— Laetitia - Feb 2018
What an INCREDIBLE retreat. The food, the accommodation, the scenery and the people! It has been MAGNIFICENT, I’ll be back.
— Ilona - Feb 2018
WONDERFUL event really joyed it. Teaching was SUPERB loved the HANDS ON assistance. Wonderful event really joyed it. Very clever the way you built up the sequences – it really pushed us but in a very SAFE knowledgeable fashion.
— Kathryn - Dorset Retreat
The weekend was FANTASTIC - definitely value for money in terms of food and yoga classes! Your classes were easy to follow and I enjoyed the fact that we could choose how far we pushed ourselves. I am a CONVERT to yoga and only wish there was someone like you locally! My body feels stronger and I love the power I can generate through my breathing. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT RETREAT.
— Heather - Dorset Retreat

I love the way you speak with a CALM and CLEAR voice and that you watch your students rather than ‘perform’ at the front. You are a very THOUGHTFUL and KIND teacher, which is particularly apparent when you accept a beginners attempt and not correcting it. Your HANDS ON adjustments are amazing, much APPRECIATED and very wholesome.
— Kathrin - Dorset Retreat
Your teaching methods are UNIQUE with attention to every participant...
…Treatments where the ICING ON THE CAKE. I can truly say that I have the YOGA BUG and would love to attend a regular class back home but think we might have a challenge on your hands to find someone as good as you.
— Jacqui - Dorset Retreat
The yoga was FAB - Jess you do a wonderful job. Your instructions were CLEAR and easy to follow even if the movement itself was a challenge sometimes. Having you moving around the class to ASSIST is also a HUGE BENEFIT when learning what to do and the correct way in which it needs to be done.
— Rachel - Dorset Retreat
I also LOVED your classes! I really enjoyed the hands on way you teach, I think it definitely helped me get into the CORRECT postures and make SMALL ADJUSTMENTS I usually wouldn’t have. Your treatments were also a GREAT TOUCH. My shoulder and neck haven’t hurt since and usually they hurt everyday!
— Annabella - Dorset Retreat
I really liked your style of teaching where you talk more than you do - for some reason it really appealed to me. I particularly like VARIATION in yoga and I was pleased that not one exercise i.e. sun salutation was repeated multiples of time in each session.
— Sue - Dorset Retreat
I really ENJOYED the yoga and the hands on teaching. I have hyper flexibility in my hips and back and have noticed recently that I have been feeling quite a lot of pain but it was great to know that you were CONSTANTLY WATCHING and making sure we were in the correct position. There were a number of beginners in the class - it did not affect the yoga class and I still found it CHALLENGING.
— Orli - Dorset Retreat