The following terms and conditions apply to all of our Retreats, where you read ‘Retreat Guest’ we refer to the individual booked to attend.

To place a booking please send a request via email to, bookings will be confirmed upon receipt of deposit (amount subject to individual retreats).

Deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances.

Due date for the final payment is subject to each individual retreat and will be provided upon booking request. Bookings made after the due date for final payment must be paid for in full at time of booking.

Pricing does not include travel to and from the venue, spa treatments / services and travel insurance.

It is advised you travel with your own insurance. This will act to protect you against any unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from joining us.

Should extenuating circumstances force the cancellation of a Retreat, Retreat Guests will be entitled to a full refund minus the deposit payment and costs already incurred for the Retreat to go ahead. Examples of unpredictable events include war, terrorism, natural disaster, fire, life threatening disease, hazardous weather, government action, transport closure or strikes. As host of your Retreat Jessica Lambert shall have no responsibility or legal liability to compensate you as the Retreat Guest for loss of opportunity to attend.

Retreat cancellations must be received in writing and confirmation of cancellation will be returned. Retreat Guests must not assume cancellation is received unless that have in return had correspondence.

We regret to inform deposits and final payments are non-refundable however Retreat Guests may gift / offer their booking to friends or family members who may join in their place.

In advance of our Retreat we will ask for information about any current injuries and or medical conditions, ensuring we are able to adapt classes accordingly and avoid any further harm. It is the responsibility of the Retreat Guest to share this information before the retreat commences.

It is advised you travel with your own insurance. This will go towards covering any costs that arise from the unlikely event of accident or injury.

We acknowledge that the activities offered to Retreat Guests on our Retreats can be physically and emotionally demanding. Retreat Guests who choose to partake in the Retreat and any organised activities acknowledge this, it is the responsibility of the Retreat Guest to work within their own limits avoiding injury or upset.

Retreat Guests must behave in such a manner as to cause no damage, distress, danger or annoyance to other Retreat Guests. Should Retreat Guests act in such manor Jessica Lambert, as host of this Retreat, may terminate said Retreat Guests retreat experience without compensation.

Should Retreat Guests cause damage (deliberate or accidental) to the retreat property Jessica Lambert, as host of the Retreat, reserves the right to recover the cost of any repairs or replacements from Retreat Guest.