Soneva Fushi, The Maldives

As guests arrive they are immediately greeted with the philosophy ‘no news no shoes’, the resort is laid back and villas and restaurants are beautifully designed to blend in with its jungle like surroundings.  It is a super flexible destination… It is a peaceful private escape for a couple – you can take an over night star lit get away on your own private island. It is a healthy revitalising spa break for a solo traveller or a group of fit girlfriends – with a beautiful spa, well equipped gym and amazing tree house yoga studio, all to be paired with the most delicious healthy food… OR a DREAM if you are a child (there is a kids club aka ‘the den’ and it is everything you would wish for as a kid – a life/villa size tree house with slides, activity and entertainment galore), if your parents brought you here you really would set your holiday standard high for life!


Staff and your personal ‘Mr Friday’ make this experience so easy and effortless. You can take a week for your self and not leave your own fabulous villa and private beach space or you can soak up social opportunities – such as Cocktails on the Sandbank. Every tuesday guests are sailed to a private sandbank where drinks and canapés are served as the sun provides a show in the sky, kids play with kites and guests and staff talk as twilight approaches. We had one night where manta rays even swam and played up and down the shore line of the sand bank – so magical. As if this wasn’t enough you come back to the resort and the beach has been transformed into a incredible vibrant asian street food market – fabulous food! Other amazing highlights are to include ‘The Observatory’ where guests can gaze at the stars with an expert astronomist, the delicious ‘Chocolate Room’ where hand made treats are waiting for you to enjoy (just to take in the fragrance of this is wonderful) or the experience the resort by water – a villa inspired yacht can sail to you away for a candlelit dinner or take you around the Baa Atoll for a few days where you can dive, choose uninhabited island breakfast locations or just appreciate the beauty of The Maldives.


Impressively the resort really has its ‘eco hat’ on! There is no plastic anywhere and all of the glass is recycled from surrounding islands and reused to create spectacular artwork, amazing gifts and glasswear for the restaurants and villas (this takes place in a fabulous studio space where you can learn to glass blow to – what an opportunity!?), food is produced freshly on demand and they are really careful with waste which is great to see plus a profound eco centre recycles what it can (polystyrene from food deliveries to make villa bricks and other building materials, burning coconuts for fuel and watch this space… soon its own coconut oil!!). Hats off to you Soneva. 


I had a month cycling around on this beautiful island and even in that length of time I felt so comfortable and relaxed that by the end of the holiday there was no longing for home and normality. Like in the caribbean guests do often fret over the time of year and the weather but I really don’t think it is anything to fuss over – July only came with one day of liquid sunshine! So you can plan a trip whenever and be assured you will have a very special wonderful time.