Saint Lucia 

This island and resort have been home twice now which has been a fabulous experience for a number of reason…

1) Guests – some of you really have become great friends so thank you, because you have such fabulous taste in holidays and you are so super social you really made my time (and I still can’t thank certain individuals enough for when i really needed your help – totally blown away and still so so grateful).

2) FITNESS – if you want to workout and feel good this is 110% the place to take a trip; the bodyguards put me through my paces in every single activity I attended (you’re all amazing amazing athletes individually and as a team you MAKE the body holiday what it is, I still will forever owe Torie for providing me with such laughter the day you taught my dad and uncle an abs class), the visiting athletes and their motivational words and workouts were something else (there really isn’t much more to say about how amazing it is to workout alongside olympic athletes.. on a beach, in the sunshine, in the caribbean?! no brainer), the range and choice of healthy and delicious food is a really credit to the chefs and everything grown on the island (avocados and bananas will never ever be the same again – first world problems).

3) Appreciation and ambition for lifestyle – my time at TBH (maybe because I came straight from graduation) really highlighted what is important to me. That is most certainly my health and fitness, family and friends, travel and freedom, enjoying good quality food amongst good quality people, sunshine and being connected to nature.. so now a blend of the above dictates why and what I work for.

I really do sing the praises of this resort – but if you are fit and active/if you love a spa treatment/ if you crave the beach and a cocktail/ if you live to sail or scuba/ if fine dining with friends is your fix then this place is for you (that list could go on by the way)… everyone, absolutely everyone takes something away when they visit this place and the number of returning guests is an absolute CREDIT to the staff and to the brains and passion behind this family run business. GO.