JL Retreats

Move, Nourish, Rest & Connect

Many years spent working in world leading spa resorts demonstrated to me the impact one holiday could have on your health – these holidays provided guests with the chance to slow down, the opportunity to rest and the time to enjoy exercising and refuelling their body.

Returning to London I noticed that guests struggled to uphold all of the ‘healthy habits’ they had created on their trips but they still expressed how grateful they were for the time away and opportunity to ‘slow down and connect’.

In 2015 I took what I had learnt and I hosted my first Retreat and this year we celebrate our 20th Retreat. I haven’t learnt a lot on the way and I always strive to improve our Retreats and your experience.

In the years to come I promise you many more nourishing, energising and uplifting Retreats.

Are these Retreats the right fit for me?

If you are brand new to yoga and or pilates then what a perfect opportunity to dive in; learn, explore a variety of classes, connect with others and gift yourself the time to slow down and be present. If you are more experienced then you have the opportunity to go deeper – we are often rushing to class and racing off afterwards – we have all the time in the world when we ares away together.

Once you have explored our upcoming Retreats please so come back and ask me any questions you have.


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Please note we advise you travel with your own insurance – this will act to protect you against any unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from joining us and will also go towards covering any costs that arise from the unlikely event of accident / injury.