Bespoke Yoga Mat


They are made in Germany and they are best combination of quality, functionality and price that IL could find (after looking far and wide). It is springy and comfortable to both stand and lie on, it’s got great grip, is tear-resistant and best of all – it is machine washable so sweat and dust can be cleaned away.

I love mine and it was initialled for me as a gift so I invite you to personalise yours too. With your initials or your favourite mantra – just let me know with instructions as your order.

Composition: Made of phthalate-free PVC with no toxins, made in Germany

Dimensions: 183cm long x 60cm wide x 4.5mm thick, 4.5mm thick

Care: The anti-slip and gets even better grip after a few uses. The mat is machine washable on the delicate cycle at 30 degrees. Lay flat or hang to dry, do not tumble dry or lay over a radiator. I personally just wash mine down in the shower once a week with soap, then leave it to dry over the shower door.


I fell in love with the Om Yoga Mat from Initially London and they have very kindly allowed me to share them with you. 


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