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These 3 habits make me feel super charged so I wanted to share them with you;

Grab a coffee, have a read and then try them out.

1) Ice cold showers

I know, they aren’t so appealing in the middle of winter and I totally get that. Which is why now is the ideal time to make this a habit and then come winter you will be so hooked to the benefits you won’t think twice! First up it is such great way to boost your circulation, this is going to give your skin, hair and nails life. It is also a great way to up your energy levels – such a simple game changer for those of you who are slightly slower first thing in the morning (is that you?!). We know the contrast between hot and cold temperatures can improve our physical recovery and reduce muscle soreness – we are simply creating our own at home cryotherapy treatment, so you don’t need to get to a fancy sauna or cryo chamber you simply need to run the shower hot cold, hot cold, hot cold!

Not only will you be fresh for the day but also your next workout. Winner.

2) Getting grounded

Grounding has become really popular, it is based on the physics that state how electrical charges pass from the earth to us, having a positive effect on the body. Think of your body like a battery. It is so important because now days so much of our routine (phones, wifi, crazy bright lights) have a really negative effect on our charge. But again you don’t need to buy fancy grounding mats you just need to get out there. Walking barefoot on a beach or in your garden will 110% do the trick. And we also know that being in nature is super beneficial for your stress levels, immunity and creativity. So even if you can’t go barefoot just get out there and soak up the good stuff.

Wonderful woodlands, beautiful beaches, lush lakes.. You decide!

3) Create a no phone zone

But, I… excuses are about to flood in aren’t they?

We are addicted. I know it is tough but just by taking our phones away last thing at night and first thing in the morning we can massively improve our sleep and set our self up for a great day. The benefits of sleep its self are endless; physically, mentally and emotionally there are reasons to make your sleep sacred. So at the very least make sure in that hour before bed you dim both your room and phone lights. Try not to take calls or get engaged in sending messages. And better still try no screens in that time. Read, write, hell I knows its crazy but you could just even sit and chat with your partner.

Real conversation, do you think can you do that?

Sharing is caring, so if you want to forward these onto a friend or family member who needs a bit of a battery boost then please do!

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