Real vinyasa love, just over an hour of it

Got plenty of time for your practice? This is the class. It runs just over an hour and you may recognise this as a bit of a blueprint in terms of my teaching. Starting down on the floor we will take our time to wake the body up, the middle more dynamic section is slow but strong, there a bit of core fun in there for you fans and chance to work on your backbends right before we chill out with a nice long savasana.

Daily Movement 1

This ‘daily movement’ series is for those of you looking to improve your mobility whilst finding a little bit of headspace. They are short and pretty simple, 15 – 20 minutes of basic yoga poses sequenced into what you could describe as a mini flow class – there for those of you who don’t have time… so now there are no excuses! Enjoy.

This first one really opens up through the upper body and also stretches thoroughly into the side of the body with a few long and lengthy side planks.

Daily Movement 2

This is a quick fix to release tight hips (with a bit of lower abdominal and shoulder strength thrown in for good measure).

25 minute vinyasa fix

This short flow, gets pretty dynamic fairly quickly – a good one to do if you don’t have much time but you would like to squeeze in a punchy practice. It includes a chance to work on your arm balances, plenty of twisting and a good dose of leg work!