This class comes with an open invite to both members and non members.

MEMBERS come and celebrate your commitment, your practice and our community.

NON MEMBERS come and try a class, remind yourself how good it feels to stretch it all out and move mindfully.



Saturday 27th March 2021, 10am (UK)

The Class…

I wanted to share all elements of The JL Collective with you. From simple breathing exercises to fluid & dynamic vinyasa yoga, add in a few of my favourite strengthening & lengthening pilates exercises, and finally we will wind down with an extended guided meditation.

Class will start at 10am and be approximately 90 mins – maybe a little shorter but we won’t go over that.

What do I need?

  • I recommend having a good grippy yoga mat but failing that a good amount of space on the floor.
  • If you use blocks feel free to bring them to help you out but these aren’t necessary.
  • Have a jumper or blanket to hand so you can wrap up for our guided meditation.

Register Here

~ Why not encourage your friends and family to come and join us as well. Our first live class last March brought together 94 of you and I would love to virtually welcome even more of you!! ~

**If you are having trouble completing the form and clicking to send your details I do apologise please send me an email at jessica.lambert@hotmail.com**