We welcome guests with a variety of yoga experience, however taking a few classes prior to your arrival will simply ensure you get the most out of your stay. Beginners, you are in safe hands with clear instruction and plenty of guidance. More experienced yogis, you will be given the opportunity to challenge yourself and improve your practice.

Yoga is about understanding your own body, respecting ongoing injuries, preventing future ones and enhancing you overall wellbeing. As an Osteopath I teach a very alignment focused, safe and structured yoga class – if undiagnosed we will help you to understand your injury and work with it. We also offer a selection of treatments on our Yoga Retreats.

Absolutely, at least half of our guests are solo bookings so you certainly won’t feel like you are on your own. You will be surrounded by other welcoming, like minded guests. However, on the flip of this if you are booking a Retreat in search of headspace and down time our venues offer individuals the luxury of peace and privacy.

Our Retreats are mixed, often there are one or two more women with us however we usually welcome several couples on each retreat and we have male trainers in the team too!