I actually fell in love with Dubai a little – and I did not think that would be the case. I went thinking okay I will be impressed, you know a city in the desert thats quite cool but I left knowing at some point I will definitely be back for a lot longer.. maybe even a 6 month holiday kind of jobby (do you call it a holiday when it is that long?).

This trip came about because our company was hosting an annual event here and despite qualifying for flights, accommodation and all the jazzy extras – mostly frustrating because they got priority passport control and you have no idea how horrible the queue is in Duabi – but anyway I knew surrounding my self with those who did would inspire me to make sure me and my flip flops didn’t miss out next time. Thats work in progress! 

This city comes alive at night and if you enjoy wining and dining well its a no brainer that you would book a trip ASAP, from bars at the very top of the most fabulous hotels where you see the city and all its lights to an endless choice of fine restaurants by the fountains and their spectacular show. We ate in some real tasty spots – we enjoyed too much sushi (which actually there is no such thing as too much, so I take that back – visit Nikki Beach they serve a lot of great sushi), we got our hands dirty and made a mess on board Aprons & Hammers (note NOT a date location) and found heaven in the form of Boutique Le Chocolat in the City Walk (leave time and space in your tummy for this shop, also a great gift spot… you know if any of you go and want to bring me anything back). 

But the day is fun and fabulous too.

  • Hire a boat, appreciate the sky line from the water and jump from the top deck – because thats what you do when the big open ocean is calling you. 
  • Enjoy the sun and the sea from one of the many beautiful hotels, I recommend The Jumeirah for its view and the hospitality of their staff.
  • Stroll along the marina, admire the amazing yachts.
  • Shop till you drop in the massive Mall (Katiewoo you have to go!).

This holiday really reiterated two things…

One, great experiences are even better when they are shared, I love to travel solo and I will continue to do so (mostly because everyone else has to ask for holiday – you are saints, that would kill me) but having someone to race to the ocean with is a little more fun, yes Sevy.. And you and your fabulous friends made this trip.

Two, those famous wise words ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. So even if you think Dubai will be a pretentious concrete jungle, you may actually be really pleasantly surprised – the hospitality and the elaborate beautiful arcitecture of the city will wow you. I therefore advise when ever you come across the opportunity to explore somewhere new embrace it and let yourself be blown away.

Just be careful when you book – it gets crazzzzzy HOT.