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Ever feel like your minds racing a million miles an hour? You don’t know how to slow things down, or be still?

I have something for you. I want to help you feel connected and grounded. I want you to be able to give yourself time and space when you feel like the world is moving too fast.

We know that our physical and mental health come hand in hand. And we know how to strengthen, tone, improve our cardio vascular system but do we really know how to work on what’s between our ears?

I have created these easy to follow videos for you. We will work through simple breathing exercises and guided meditations to help you create a feeling of calm, to improve your focus and to provide you with a sense clarity.

Remember meditation isn’t the absence of thoughts, it is our ability to detach and not be so distracted by what comes up. If you find it hard to start with you are most certainly not alone. But please honour the process and give it some time. I promise the benefits outweigh the initial frustration, far more than you can even imagine.


I’ve done a handful of guided meditations over the last few years but never felt any positive results, so just parked it. Then I discovered these incredible guided meditation sessions. For the first time ever I am able to switch off from the outside, focussing purely on my breath & the session. As a beginner the duration is perfect slotting into my routine as and when. Discovering these is a game changer and I look forward to doing them every night!! I feel amazing, the quality of my sleep is great and my focus throughout the day has increased. Now I understand / appreciate why so many people speak so highly about it! – Becky


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