Online Yoga Classes

Its a rather nice problem to face, but a problem all the same…


Scenario – I travel to the most exotic amazing corners of the earth, meet all you beautiful yogis, have the pleasure of guiding you through what I hope is a super supportive strong practice and then we fly our separate ways.

Dilemma – You return home, life gets busy, you can’t find time to get to your regular studio and practice ends up taking a back seat. (I also really do miss you all).

Solution – Online classes!

So here is a sample, it is short and sweet but I really hope it gives you an indication as to wether this style of teaching would help put a little Jessica Lambert yoga love back into your life. Enjoy.


If you enjoy this practice, and I sincerely hope you do we have three options…

1) I would love to offer you live teaching – this means you grab your mat we schedule an hour together and with the power of wifi and video calling I can guide you through a 121 practice. This way I can really watch how your moving and verbally assist (so when I say flex your foot and really engage your thigh muscles there will be no slacking!). Please enquire for pricing. 

2) You can choose to purchase a variety of classes on a whim – I record and send these to clients as voice notes. The majority find it easier to not be distracted by trying to look at a screen, simply place your phone by your mat and tune out from the world and into your yoga. Those of you who have taken class with me hopefully can remember I am pretty descriptive so even without a visual aid (I don’t demonstrate usually as I teach – to me thats performing not teaching, but each to their own) you should be just fine.

One class recording is £28 and two for £50.

3) You can jump in with both feet and say right get me back in the groove I would like to receive one class a week or one class a fortnight. 

One class a week // Four a month is £80

One class a fortnight // Two a month is £45

(Minimum two months)

I really hope this provides a solution for you all – so many have suggested it to me and I have eventually got my yoga bottom in gear and put pen to paper. I know when I am travelling classes I can get to from my phone (and you won’t have the dilemma of having to stream of wifi or use all your data!) are a god send other wise my ”ooo I will do yoga’ turns in to ‘happy baby happy baby, spinal twist lets go left lets go right, ooo savasana… okay done!’


Here we go then, if you are raising your hand for 1) 2) or 3) or you have any questions I would love love love to help just send me a message below.

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